Wellness Stack: Introduction

Wellness Stack: Introduction

Wellness: the state of feeling at ease.
Stack: layers supporting a goal.

2-Part Mission

The goal of this resource is to:
1) Ignite curiosity about vital areas of human life
2) Point to excellent resources to nurture them

If I am an expert in anything, it is at finding other experts.

This resource is free, and is updated frequently! It is a roadmap of people with advanced life experience in science, philosophy, psychology, medicine, literature, art, and spirituality, carefully curated over many years. Experts who are humble and truly wish well for humanity. No magical thinking or mysticism required… Simply healthy ideas that you can explore and experiment with yourself.

(This entire thing can be skimmed in 5 minutes. You can flip through quickly, like a pamphlet, and dive deep where you wish. Starting at the top. There is a link at the bottom of article that leads to the next.)


(Coming Soon)

  • IV. Journaling
  • VI. Express Art. Experience Art.
  • IX. Reading books / finding flow state
  • X. Connection, being-present-with, and helping others
  • XI. Endless curiosity / learning
  • XII. Shape attitude toward money and work
  • XIII. Shape attitude toward love

Death by 1000 Cuts

As the metaphor goes: Cut once, no problem. Cut 1000 times, even if we heal one wound, the other 999 will destroy us.

Wellbeing is similar – our minds, bodies, values, goals, habits, connections with others, and desires, all contribute powerfully to our wellbeing. If we’re myopic about one, the others will silently hinder us. They work together like musicians in a orchestra. If the music doesn’t feel right – assume the view of the conductor – sense across the entire landscape that is your life, and understand where to tune.

Using this Stack

HOW do you suffer? Please, become very interested in this question. If your life is a castle of a thousand rooms, how can you explore each one and clear out all the clutter?

Simple instructions: use each layer as a lens to inspect your life, see what you find, see what unfolds. Some layers may seem extremely simple and obvious. Please do not be misled – there are depth and domino effects to each of these that can be hard to see.

The Wellness Stack is a living resource – every few days material will be updated or added that adds more depth. My goal is to complete the first version by July 2022 September 2022, and then continually maintain it over time. (Leave a comment if you’d like me to prioritize this project 🙂

How to start?

  • Start with Topic 1, or, scroll up and choose an area of interest
  • Bookmark this page, subscribe to be notified as material is updated or added
  • Google each layer in the stack on your own
  • Explore other wellness content on this site

Each Topic

Is introduced in under 2 minutes. The linked content stands on its own merit – as with anything in life, one should explore topics independently and find the path and experts that make the most sense to them. My aim is simply to point the layers and teachers out, and provide jumping-off points to learn.

As this stack is continually updated, each layer will:

  • Introduce a few experts and their resources
  • Link related reddit discussion forums (if applicable)
  • Link advanced ideas and guidance (if applicable)


  • Should I explore the topics in order?
    The layers are ordered in a priority I believe would be helpful, but it is not necessary to explore that way. Proceed in any order you wish.
  • Do I need all topics?
    The more you explore, the more it will strengthen the overall effort, but not all topics are necessary to see great benefit in your life. You will notice that as you explore each layer, they all begin to touch each other like dominos.
  • Why are some topics not linked?
    This is a work in progress and living resource (for as long as I am living, anyway :). You can subscribe to receive emails as this is updated. But even before then, please consider googling each topic on your own, which is equally valuable.

How Can I Support You?

If you have any questions or comments please feel free free to leave them below, or contact me. I am happy to brainstorm and I’d love to hear how your journey goes. If you’d like email alerts when this stack is updated, feel free to subscribe.

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    • I am extremely grateful you took the time to comment here. Seriously 🙂 Thank you 🙂

      Whatever help this provides today, I hope it even more tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day. If you have any questions whatsoever, please reach out.

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