Everything Is Fucking OK! 🙂

Everything is OK. If you are ever so lucky to feel this down to your bones, and you lose it, don’t worry, you’ll find it again. The more you find this, the more certain you’ll be that it’s forever true.

Quick Test: Are you Sarah, or Tom?

The date is January 1, 2024. One year ago, two people, Sarah and Tom, stumbled upon this while searching for help.


Sarah has since quit the job she didn’t like, left a relationship that was terrible, moved out of the city to be closer to nature, started playing piano (a hobby she’s wanted to try for 20 years), and is training to run the Boston Marathon.


Tom, frantically scrolled through the resource in about 15 seconds. His mind was in lizard mode – his eyes darting around trying to spot an easy fix for his psychological pain.

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“I have lived on the lip of insanity, wanting to know reasons, knocking on a door. It opens. I’ve been knocking from the inside!
– Rumi

What Is This?

What did Rumi mean? He was blinding himself to his own relief, and after realizing it, warned that this can happen to us too.

I created this space as a non-profit-hobby to share helpful ideas. I have nothing to sell or ask. I simply want to offer a perspective: Everything in this moment is seriously OK 🙂 Since you’re here and reading this – I know you may not feel that way (yet). Maybe you are sad, or lonely, or looking for your path. But please, don’t worry! Do not let your expectations about life consume you! Expectations are the cause of all suffering – whether they are yours, or ones someone else has for you.

How can you find clarity? Wander below and see what resonates. Consider a note from someone who came here just a few weeks ago, and found some comfort. Check out all the doorways below – or feel free to reach out.

Getting Lost = An Important Milestone

… Because it sets the stage to find what you’ve been looking for – the end of your search.

Years ago I called the author of a great book, looking for guidance. Rather than offer advice, the author, who had helped thousands of people, simply said: “you ALREADY KNOW the answer, you just want to hear someone agree. You don’t need me.Same to you. Your answers are already in your pocket.

There are many ideas below that will rock your mind. The most important one is how to *listen to yourself*.

Everyone gets stuck.
What’s the way out? Pick one:
1) Wander 100 ideas below
2) Jump to a helpful resource

Truths: Certain realities about life are disturbing and society tends to hide them. I believe brutal honestly is best – this helps remove noise and makes room for actual happiness. Sugarcoating only hurts us in the long run. Why not accept reality sooner? Desire is empty, We are fundamentally alone, There is no universal meaning, Everything is impermanent, and Reality is not what it seems.

Cautions: We bump into these truths blindly throughout life. The most common places we get frustrated and stuck are related to love and sexworkdistractionreality distortionself illusion, meaning, and victimhood.

Explore: A reliable way through this fog is is in exploring ourselves. Some helpful roads are mindfulnessnutritionfitnessspiritualityartistic expressiontravel, and optionally… microdosing.

100 Ideas

Curious what true comfort feels like?
One human’s story told in under 3 minutes

A kind note from a visitor
Slow down, take a backseat, and just observe.

Two lost souls were challenged to find themselves
One explored, one did not. A one-minute story.

Have you fallen for the greatest con of all time?
Sorry, we all do

Would you?
If someone gave you a button, which provided enduring assurance that you’re totally OK, and really don’t need to worry about improving anything, not now, not ever, would you press it?

Where do people typically get stuck?
Cautions about mindlessness
Cautions about romance/sex
Cautions about work
Cautions about self-illusion
Cautions about victimhood

Do you control your mind, or does it control you?
Ask the Horse (and other poems that teach)

Forget appearance, how you eat = how you *feel*
The relationship between diet and feelings

There is no single fix for all your problems
This helps find ALL places you might suffer

Who are you meant to be?
You already know

Feeling like a victim?
Beware, Self Pity Monsters Aren’t Always Real

Feeling lonely in love?
Plato talked about this over 2000 years ago!
Read about someone who would love to trade places with you

Human Potential

Does your behavior surprise even you, sometimes?
Read about why the feeling of “self” is just an illusion

Sexually frustrated?
An unplanned experiment to deprioritize sex…

Meditation and psychedelics affect the same region of the brain.
Watch Dr. Roland Griffiths, Johns Hopkins University, explain

What is sustainable happiness?
Listen to Dr. Laurie Santos, Yale

Unbelievable beauty is all around us. Why is it so hard to see?
Awestruck by the magic of his surroundings, Aldous Huxley shares a theory

A quick note - the above resources are intended for people who are looking for some inspiration and ideas. If you are feeling extremely depressed or having suicidal thoughts, I am very very sorry you are in that place. The ideas here will help, but I seriously suggest you go here or call 1-800-273-8255 to speak with a therapist who can help right now.

Uh, Hello? 🙂

Made it all this way, and seriously haven’t opened any doors yet?

In the end, no matter which thread you pull, they all lead to the same life-shattering epiphany. You might find the thread in this blog, you might find it at a monastery in Tibet, you might find it at burning man, or you might find it in your oatmeal tomorrow morning 🙂.

I honestly think the best door you can open here is this one… the same curiosity that brought you here today will find a wild adventure down that road.

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7 responses to “Everything Is Fucking OK! :)”

  1. I have the bipolar disorder I have no friends I’m scared to actually let someone into my life due to I’ve been done wrong way to many times I feel lonely and sad yo say this I have felt suicide thoughts like you said what if

    • Hi my friend. I am very very sorry you have thoughts of suicide. I feel you with all my heart. Please call 1-800-273-8255 – someone will definitely be able to help you right away.

  2. Hey I’m 16 and bipolar with anger issues and depression and I’m genuinely unhappy and I don’t know why im not I don’t know if I’m lonley, dont feel loved or jus unsatisfied I don’t know what I’m gonna do with the rest of my life but I’m gonna figure it out I hope for the best for anyone that looks at this comment thank you god bless

    • Hey there. I hear you, I feel you. I am at least one person on the planet who is paying attention to what you say right now – and appreciates that loneliness can feel like the worst thing. So for starters, I hope that helps you feel less alone. Please do check out all of the resources on this page, and if you don’t find anything that helps, contact me and I’ll help you look for more. There is no magic overnight fix for anyone’s problems, but if you can try carefully to notice your own thoughts, over time, it can make an unbelievable difference in your life. Hope to hear soon my friend.

    • I’m sorry you feel that way. I’ve been feeling the same way. God bless you too. I’m Christian too and feel that way alot. It’s no good. Especially for relationships. turn to God for help and He will help you. 🙂 also talking to other people who are close to you may help.

  3. Hi I’m also bi polar… feeling hopeless.. afraid of my future. thinking of moving out of my hometown sometime next year. I need to follow my heart but stepping outside my comfort zone is so scary. I just want to live a simple life. I need to find peace.

    • Hi Carmen. Thanks for taking the time to read this and say hi.

      Living a simple life is an absolutely beautiful goal. And from personal experience I know it is possible! Living “in the moment”, means trying not to worry too much about the future, or the past. If you can up each day and find simple joy in being alive, that is it! That is the greatest treasure (to me). But hey, I know it can be hard to feel this. Please explore all the material here, and if you still are looking for pointers, please reach out, I would be happy to listen and give you ideas. Good luck Carmen, I believe you will find your simple life. In some sense, you might already be living it, right NOW 🙂 It’s a matter of noticing.

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