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That Time Mickey Mouse Punched My Dad

Wow – finally – the trip of a lifetime was happening. And also… FLYING!?!? Like in a plane? Boy oh boy. Talk about wishes coming true. Yes that’s right – after a years of watching Disney animated classics with my sibs, laced with overt and covert come-hither invitations to see the actual kingdom in person, […]

What’s the Point? Camus, Suicide, and Meaning

Five years ago I sat with a colleague in a small Italian restaurant. We grew-up in our careers together, our lives were changing, and we were now only able to hang 1-2 times per year. She was the one coworker with whom philosophical convos seemed inevitable. With everyone else it was just typical life or […]

Boredom I Love You

One of life’s greatest addictions is flight from boredom, in myriad ways, as opposed to embracing it. Sitting with it. Being with nothing. Inviting boredom as a dear friend, feeling its space, isn’t only rejuvenating but arguably THE greatest privilege. The pearl of all effort. That, is all.

Fat vs Lean vs Gym vs Home – 10 Years, 5 Thoughts…

Have I achieved everything I’ve wanted athletically? No. BUT!!! I did get this really cool robot helmet from some French electronic group who didn’t need it anymore. So I have that going for me. Which is nice. After 10+ years punishing my body for a crime it did not commit – with various challenges motivated […]

Forgive, Forgive, Forgive

From Anonymous: I’ve been thinking a lot about why I might be the way I am. And to be honest. When my parents got divorced it felt like the world ended. I know it was hard for all of us. But my mom didn’t even acknowledge me and my dad was too sad to spend […]


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