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That Time Mickey Mouse Punched My Dad

Wow – finally – the trip of a lifetime was happening. And also… FLYING!?!? Like in a plane? Boy oh boy. Talk about wishes coming true. Yes that’s right – after a years of watching Disney animated classics with my sibs, laced with overt and covert come-hither invitations to see the actual kingdom in person, […]

What’s the Point? Camus, Suicide, and Meaning

Five years ago I sat with a colleague in a small Italian restaurant. We grew-up in our careers together, our lives were changing, and we were now only able to hang 1-2 times per year. She was the one coworker with whom philosophical convos seemed inevitable. With everyone else it was just typical life or […]

Why Buddhism Is True

My life has unquestionably changed over two years, leaving me simultaneously comforted and puzzled. Familiar desires, goals, and sense of identity, have melted away. While trying to explain this shift, I found Buddhism. I don’t mean becoming a Buddhist – I mean – discovering my own epiphanies apparently already laid-out in Buddhist precepts. “How bizarre.” […]

Boredom I Love You

One of life’s greatest addictions is flight from boredom, in myriad ways, as opposed to embracing it. Sitting with it. Being with nothing. Inviting boredom as a dear friend, feeling its space, isn’t only rejuvenating but arguably THE greatest privilege. The pearl of all effort. That, is all.

Fat vs Lean vs Gym vs Home – 10 Years, 5 Thoughts…

Have I achieved everything I’ve wanted athletically? No. BUT!!! I did get this really cool robot helmet from some French electronic group who didn’t need it anymore. So I have that going for me. Which is nice. After 10+ years punishing my body for a crime it did not commit – with various challenges motivated […]


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