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Mailbag, From Luke. The Now, Psilocybin, Loose Grip, Work.

From Luke: I’ve been enjoying the challenge of reminding myself to live in the moment. The constant tug o war between old habits and new goes on, but I’ve become better at taking the “now” as it comes. As always, journaling as been my escape into those deeper flows of introspection and much needed calm.  […]

Kellogg’s 30-Hour Workweek. What Happened?

Two major things colored the 1930’s. 1) the immediate wake of the industrial revolution, and 2) the great depression. In short – wild efficiency plus a jobs-shortage inspired Kellogg’s to drop their workday to 6 hours-day, 30 hours-week. This was a win-win: happier employees and providing more struggling people with paying jobs.

Work: A History of How We Spend Our Time

Check back in five years – but as it stands, this is one of the most important books I’ve come across. What started as a study on “work” quickly turned into one on human nature. It took me two decades (emphasis: TWENTY – years!) to pause and think critically about work. Culture is one hell […]


The most incredible joy- a complete and utter absence of hunger or desire, a total ease which needs no improvement whatsoever, can be discovered within. When one glimpses this, even only briefly, even only once, all subsequent behaviors and drives can be considered in relation. It becomes apparent, despite even the most Herculean skepticism, all […]


“Oh the joy of missing out. When the world begins to shout And rush towards that shining thing; The latest bit of mental bling– Trying to have it, see it, do it, You simply know you won’t go through it; The anxious clamoring and need This restless hungry thing to feed. Instead, you feel the loveliness; The […]


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